Renegade Raceway

Your local track in the Yakima Valley for over 40 years!

Located on Track Road between Hwy 97 and I-82 in Parker

Voted Most Improved Track of the Year 2012

Track Rules

This page is to provide you with some basic information on what is legal to get started in drag racing at Renegade Raceway. If you need more information, you can obtain a copy of the 2014 NHRA rule book online at Have fun and drive safely!!

If you need help with any tech questions or rules about racing at Renegade please contact Derek Snelson at  

Basic Tech Rules and Regulations All classes run with a full .500 tree.

1.      All cars must have seat belts

2.      All cars require a 16oz or larger radiator overflow container.

3.      No plastic or glass fuel filters allowed, no more than 12 inches of rubber fuel line may be used

4.      No plastic oil pressure lines allowed.

5.      All vehicles must have a functional neutral safety switch.

6.      All batteries must be securely mounted(no bungee cords, rope, wire, etc.)If relocating battery, please see NHRA rule book (General Reg 8.1)  If battery has been moved from stock location, car must have an Electrical Power Cut Off Switch located at the rear most  part of the vehicle and be easily accessible. The Cut Off Switch must be connected to the positive side of the electrical system and stop all electrical function. The off position must be clearly indicated with the word OFF. If switch is a push pull type, "Push" must be the action for shutting off the electrical system and pull to turn back on.  Plastic or keyed switches prohibited.  

7.       All drivers must wear long pants (sweats ok, nylon not recommended).

8.      No tank tops, shirts must have sleeves.

9.      All drivers running 13.99 and faster are required to wear an NHRA approved Snell 2005 or newer helmet

10.  All drivers must have a valid driver’s license

11.  All cars running at night must have a functional tail light.

12.  No speeding in the pits. The speed limit is 10mph. Violators will be ejected.

13.   Competition numbers must be a minimum 6" high x 1 1/2" wide.  Class designation lettering must be 3" x 1". Color must be contrasting to background.

14.   All drivers of Pit vehicles must be 16 years old or older with  a valid driver’s license. 

15.   When exiting the track to the return road, the left lane always has right of way.  


 Street Legal Rules - 13 seconds and slower:

  1. All vehicles must run D.O.T. approved street tires. NO slicks.
  2. All vehicles must be equipped with mufflers and a functional exhaust system including a muffler.  NO open headers.
  3. All vehicles must have working lights.
  4. All vehicles must be licensed and insured.
  5. All vehicles must be legal to drive on public streets. 


Super Pro ET:  (1/4 mile, 7.00 to 11.99 index, electronics accepted)

1.      Computer prohibited unless stock OEM equipment or replacement.(general reg. 9:1)

2.      Data recorders permitted (general regulations 9:2 & 9:9)

3.      Delay boxes permitted. One box/device only attached to transbrake and/or throttle timer.

4.      Transbrake permitted

5.      Line lock on 2 wheels or 4 permitted

6.      Automated shifter permitted

7.      Throttle control permitted per NHRA rulebook

8.      Ignition stutter boxes prohibited. Starting line and/or high rev side limiters permitted. Two-steps, rev-limiters or other rpm limiting devices, legal unto themselves but altered or  installed so as to function as a down-track controller, prohibited.

9.      Switches and buttons: All switches and/or buttons must be standard mechanical  connection type. Infrared lasers, retinal scan, fingerprint, light source or any other non-mechanical type switch and/or button prohibited.

10.  Any driver going 9.99 or faster must wear an NHRA approved Snell full faced helmet 2005 or newer.

11.  Super Pro cars should not run anti-freeze in their cooling system.


Pro ET:  (1/4 mille, 9.00 to 13.99, NO electronics accepted)

 1, 2, 4, 5, 8,9,10 and 11 same as Super Pro

 3. Delay boxes prohibited

 6. Automated shifter prohibited. Electronic or pneumatic shifter permitted if controlled by driver.

 7. Throttle control: Throttle must be manually operated by driver.  Electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics or any device may in no way affect the throttle operation. A deadstop under the carburetor or gas pedal is permitted. Throttle timers, counters are prohibited.

12. Tow vehicles prohibited


Sportsman: (1/4 mile, 12.00 to 19.99, NO electronics)

All rules of Pro apply to Sportsman


Sled / Bike(1/4 mile, 7.50 to 15.99)

All rules of Pro apply to Sleds/Bikes

Sled/Bike 120 mph or faster must have Snell certified 2005 or newer full face helmet with shield, full all-leathers or SFI spec 40.1/2 suit mandatory. Two piece suites must be joined together with a zipper at the waist.
SFI spec 40.1/1 or 40.1/2 suit or leather jacket. Leather boots/shoes above ankle and leather gloves are mandatory on all Sled/Bikes. Gloves must be Kevlar lined or equipped with slide buttons. (general reg 10.10)


High School: (1/4 mile, 11.00 and slower)

Same rules as Pro or Sportsman




SAFETY RULE: No safety equipment may be removed before you reach the ticket booth