Renegade Raceway

Your local track in the Yakima Valley for over 40 years!

Providing 45 years of ground pounding entertainment

Located on Track Road between Hwy 97 and I-82 in Parker

Voted Most Improved Track of the Year 2012

Team Race

2016 Team race is at Mission Raceway in British Columbia September 1 thru September 4

See all information about this year's Team Race here!

Ryan Widhalm wins High School Championship at the 2015 ET Finals!

Team Renegade made a great showing, finishing 6th out of 16 teams in attendance.

Woodburn Dragstrip  71
Firebird Raceway   71
Pacific Raceways            58
Portland Int'l Raceway      51
Rocky Mountain Raceways 49
Renegade Raceway            46
Bremerton Raceway           44
MHDRA Dragstrip             26
Nl'Akapxm Eagle Motorplex 15
Madras Dragstrip            14
Mission Raceway              7
Lost Creek Raceway           7
Lewistown Raceway            7
Champion Raceway             4
Coos Bay Speedway            4
Lakeview Dragstrip 1

2015 Team Renegade Members

Class Racer Class Racer
Jr Lightning Will Bishop   Jr Thunder Donald Barnes  
Jr Lightning Haylie Crawford   Jr Thunder Anastazja Gossette  
Jr Lightning Jaxon Hughes   Jr Thunder Jazzlynn McGrew  
Jr Lightning Ryan Widhalm   Jr Thunder Josh Walkenhauer  
Jr Lightning Chelsea Widhalm Alt 1
Class Racer Jr Thunder Kort Holbrook Alt 2
Bike/Sled Joe Berney ROC
Bike/Sled Brad Crawford ROC Class Racer
Bike/Sled Sam Fogler ROC Pro Bob Bundy ROC
Bike/Sled Bob Henrie ROC Pro David Denning ROC
Bike/Sled Terry Holloway ROC Pro Denise Jarnecke ROC
Bike/Sled Dion Martin ROC Pro Roy Macomber Jr ROC
Bike/Sled Steve Stormo ROC Alt 1 Pro Mike Merk ROC
Bike/Sled Karen Holloway ROC Alt 2 Pro Pat Neveu ROC
Pro Jim Hamlin ROC Alt 1
Class Racer Pro Jim Wiford ROC Alt 2
Sportsman Cindy Fluaitt ROC Pro Jim Bonner  
Sportsman Jerry Gossette ROC Pro Phil Fluaitt  
Sportsman Jesse Howell ROC Pro Denice Meadows  
Sportsman Jesse Neveu ROC Pro Scott Howell  
Sportsman Kevin Higginbotham ROC Pro Don Eckman  
Sportsman Josh Howell ROC Pro Becky Eckman  
Sportsman Dick Wentz ROC Alt 1 Pro Valerie Jo Hodson  
Sportsman Ryan Widhalm ROC Alt 2
Sportsman Bill Cadle   Class Racer
Sportsman Courtney Brost   Super Pro Don Asbury ROC
Sportsman Shalon Domme   Super Pro Chad Dickinson ROC
Sportsman Michael Smith   Super Pro Todd Riley ROC
Super Pro Ryan Sams ROC
Class Racer Super Pro David Thornton ROC
High School Ryan Widhalm   Super Pro Cheryl Wentz ROC
Super Pro Benji Martin ROC Alt 1
Super Pro David Secondi ROC Alt 2
Team Captain: Charmie Pulse Super Pro David Eveland  
Co-Captain: Cathy Bonner Super Pro Brent Hodson  
Super Pro Scott Holbrook  
Super Pro Patrick Osmundson  
Super Pro Jeff Watts  
Super Pro Gene Zadow  
Super Pro Bryan Watts  


2016 Team race is at Mission Raceway in British Columbia September 1 thru September 4