Renegade Raceway

Your local track in the Yakima Valley for over 40 years!

Located on Track Road between Hwy 97 and I-82 in Parker

Voted Most Improved Track of the Year 2012

Team Race


See all information about this year's Team Race here!

2014 Team race is at Woodburn, OR track August 28 thru August 31

2014 Team Race Packet

Reminder - you must have a current NHRA membership and competition number for the team race.  If you need to renew your membership and/or number, check any current issue of National Dragster for the form.  Fax the form Kerrie Fornataro at Division 6 Headquarters (253) 446-6683.

Competition Numbers - At Woodburn, the tower is on the right side of the track.  You must have competition number on the front, back and both sides of your car.  For bikes and sleds, the competition number must be on the right side.  The Renegade designation sticker must be placed on the right side of your vehicle (supplied at the race).

There may be golf carts available for rent at the Woodburn dragstrip.  If available, the carts are rented on a first come/first served basis.

Team Captain - Heidi McGrew - 509-961-8074.

Each racer will receive a shirt, Renegade designation/stickers at race.  Additional shirts will be sold at the team race for anyone interested. 

Meals - Dinner will be available in the team pits on Thursday and Friday night.  Saturday will be a potluck dinner.

Area Hotels


LaQuinta Inns & Suites 503-982-1727 - I-5 Exit #271 Woodburn, Ask for the Woodburn Dragstrip rate

Super 8 Motel 503-981-8881 - I-5 Exit #271 Woodburn, Ask for the Woodburn Dragstrip rate


Holiday Inn 503-682-2211 - I-5 Exit #286 N. Wilsonville, Ask for the Woodburn Dragstrip rate


Red Lion Hotel 503-370-7888 – I-5 Exit #256 Market St Salem, Ask for the Woodburn Dragstrip rate


  Jr. Dragster         High School    
1 Emily Lewis 601 X     Ryan Widhelm 6039 X
2 Josh Walkenhauer 6608 X     Todd Riley 695T X
3 Jaxon Hughes 625 X    
4 Ryan Widhelm 6039 X     Pro    
5 Chelse Widhelm 6029 X   # DRIVER CAR# ROC
6 Jazzlynn  McGrew 6712 X   1 Denise Jarnecke 6443 X
          2 Jim Bonner 636B X
          3 Bob Bundy A606 X
          4 Roy MacComber Jr 602B X
  Sportsman       5 Fred Cook  TBD X
# NAME CAR # ROC   6 Ruth Pister 671R X
1 Cindy Fluiatt 6187 X   A-1 Andy Jackson A689  
2 Jesse Howell K632 X   8 Don Eckman E689  
3 Dick Wentz 638W X   9 Phil Fluaitt F647  
4 Brandon Casas 734 X   10 Scott Howell 851C  
5 Steve Johnson J610 X   11 Dave Denning T658  
6 Bill Cadle J628 X   12 Jim Hamlin H659  
A-1 Josh Howell 601K     13 Chester Angelmyer 689C  
8 Kristen Canatsey A690     14 Gary Willis E684  
9 Suzi Bundy C612     15 Steve Kelly 6267  
10 Troy Adams 605     16 Lanny Hughes H637  
11 Courtney Jackson 687     17 Tim Loveless 6702  
12 Jesse Neveu 625     18 Dennis Dorsey X646  
  Bike/Sled         Super Pro    
1 Terry Holloway 6933 X   1 Cheryl Wentz P601 X
2 Bob Henrie 605 X   2 Rob Asbury 6692 X
3 Jeff Havens 603 X   3 James Laitila 6988 X
4 Joe Berney 602 X   4 Kent Patnode 6737 X
5 Steve Stormo X616 X   5 David Secondi 6146 X
6 Dion Martin 6448 X   6 David Thornton 600E X
A-1 Sam Fogler 601     1-A Todd Riley 695T  
8 Ken Morgan 6751     8 Benji Martin 6220  
9 Brad Crawford 611     9 Mark Loftis 644M  
10 Karen Holloway 6934            
11 Colby Crawford 456